PLDT Home Fibre Routers were Patched (Again)

PLDT has consistently patched their ONU Routers for Home Fibre customers. Thanks to ACS and TR-069 protocol they’re using to update the router software without the consumers’ knowledge. Thus, not giving end-users full admin access like DNS server relays or even port forwarding, which makes PLDT useless in this category.

There’s no point in getting a good internet speed if the telco wouldn’t allow their consumers to set the router configs to their liking. For example, filtering IPs and MAC addresses, switching the router to bridge mode, etc.

Fiddler’s failed attempt

I tried using Fiddler just to fool the router that a particular file still exists, but unfortunately, the new patch redirected me to the login page. It looks like they have removed the local file remotely.

The new patched software version is RP2627 for AN5506-04-FA devices as of this writing. Below is the screenshot of the session I performed:

pldt home fibre router

I was trying to block the web logout form redirection page but returns a white page content. Bummer!

Admin Access Request Options

The only way you can get access to the admin page could simply request directly with PLDT branches near you as what other users suggested. Though, you will need to print and sign a waiver in order to get an admin access account.

The other option is to get a third-party router and request to set the PLDT router into bridge mode. In that way, you have full control of your internet service.

If you happen to know a way on how to access the PLDT Home Fibre router without requesting for an admin account, please leave a comment below and we’ll definitely try your trick.

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